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The Basics of Chakras by Dyan Garris

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chakraflowersgifWe hear a lot about chakras lately. But what are chakras and what do they do? What are we supposed to do with them? And what are the basics of chakras and the chakra system? It’s all very simple. The chakra system is not a mysterious New Age kind structure.  It’s a very real, organized, and sensible structure.  The chakras are very real, each with specific purposes, and it’s time we all got to know and love them because when you do, your life is going to become so much easier.

Here are the simple basics of chakras: We have our physical body. We have our aura or energy body, which surrounds the physical body. In the aura or energy field, we have the chakras. Think of these as energy centers with each chakra containing different energies.  And these energies are there for us to use as we see fit. When these energies become blocked, cloudy, and distorted with feelings, emotions, and errant thoughts, our daily lives can become the very same.

Chakras are part of our bodies, just as our teeth are part of our bodies.  If you don’t care properly for your teeth, or you pretend they aren’t there, or you don’t understand their function, then you’re going to perhaps go hungry and your teeth may even fall out.  Learning to care for your chakras is no different than that.

And if these energies and energy patterns have been chaotic or confused for years, then your daily life can start looking very complex and uncomfortable and perhaps not to your liking.  So it’s important to understand the the basics of chakras and how to care for them and keep them open, balanced, and properly functioning. Doing so will reflect into and show up as positive results in your outer life.

The Basics of Chakras:

What are they and how many chakras do we have?  We have seven primary chakras that we are most aware of.  However, the truth is that we have many more than that.  We have chakras in our feet and in our hands, as well as way above the crown, or 7th chakra.  We can use those chakras in our feet to connect to Earth energy.  We can use the chakras 7 and above to connect to All That Is.  And the chakras in our hands can be used for energy type healing.

In fact, if you examine it closely, you will come to understand that our solar system is a chakra system.  And our planet Earth itself is an entire chakra system.  It’s all about energy and components within a system being designed to work together in harmony.  So once you learn to work effectively with this energy, and understand that you are connected to everything in so many ways – in every way – you will start seeing and embracing the fact that there is a much bigger picture. And then your life will become ever so much better.

What are the colors of chakras?  Every chakra has a specific color.  These are colors of the rainbow. From root to tip, these are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. When you get to the top and beyond, these are gold and pure white light.

What do chakras look like? Every chakra is shaped like its own unique flower, rather than cone shaped as originally thought, and each has undulating layers of “petals.”  The chakras are multi-dimensional.

Where are chakras located? Chakras are located both in the front of your body and also at the back. They are connected (just like flowers) at the “stem,” which is your spinal column.  Remember, they are both at the front and the back. This is for good reason. The chakras in the back carry more subconscious energies, while the chakras in the front carry more conscious energies; the energies we present overtly and outward. . .the energy that we “lead” with.

Why learn to balance your chakras? When you learn to balance your chakras by clearing and balancing the energies in each, and then connecting the energies of one to the others, you’re at the beginning of creating the alignment that is a necessary foundation for all of manifesting.  And in that alignment, you may very well find the answers to everything.
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