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Important Things You Need to Know about Your Chakras

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 Important Things You Need to Know about Your Chakras


There are seven chakra centers in our bodies in which many types of energies flow through. It is important for everyone to understand that having blocked energy in any of our seven chakra centers may sometimes lead to sickness. That is why it is crucial that we comprehend what these chakra centers represent and how we can make sure that the energies flow freely.

Root Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit)

The center that embodies our feeling and state of being grounded and our foundation. This can be found on the base of our spine near area where the tailbone is found. It is also said that this center is for the things that we need to survive—the most basic ones. Whenever this center is not blocked, we cannot help but feel confident and safe; which means one thing: we can, without difficulty, attend to our basic needs. When this is blocked, the feeling of worry and anxiety will be there.

To heal your root chakra, you can

  • Indulge in red foods like tomatoes, beetroot, and strawberries
  • Start to form a savings account if finances is one of your worries
  • Go to the nearest nightclub and dance as if there is no tomorrow

Energy Chakra (Manipura in Sanskrit)

This center is found in the pit of your stomach, in the upper abdomen area. This embodies our capability to be always in control of everything in our lives and the ability to feel confident. We can also say that our self-esteem and self-worth is found here. When it is clear, you feel capable of being able to put your desires and intentions into actions. When blocked, you feel otherwise frustrated and always ineffective in everything that you do.

To heal your energy chakra, you can

  • Be nice to everyone and to yourself
  • Take a long warm bath with matching candles and oil
  • Use your weekend to see romantic movies
  • Learn to celebrate the little victories in your life

Creativity Chakra (Svadhishtana in Sanskrit)

This center is responsible for anything that is associated with the arts and your creative expressions no matter what they are. This can be found in the area of your reproductive organs where the center of which is used for reproduction. When you concentrate hard enough and channel the energy into the centers found above your creativity chakra, you will feel a unique force that gets you to compose beautiful music, start a new project, or paint an exquisite picture.

To heal your creativity chakra, you can

  • Go out and bathe in sunlight
  • Indulge in foods that are yellow like corn
  • Make yourself a chamomile tea
  • Call yourself out if you say something not good about yourself

Heart Chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit)

This center signifies all about the energy of your compassion and love, and it can be found at the middle of your chest where your heart is also located. When the heart chakra center is not blocked, you feel a deep connection to everyone in your life—be it your family or friends. When it is blocked, you will feel alone and eventually sense that the people in your life are alienating you.

To heal your heart chakra, you can

  • Start doing things that you love without excuse and apologies
  • Eat your guilty pleasures and green foods
  • Drink green juices or tea
  • Always be loving and generous to everyone you meet

Intuition Chakra (Ajna in Sanskrit)

This center, on the other hand, is all about your intuition and insight; and it can be found in your forehead. When your intuition chakra is flowing freely, you will definitely feel a really unfathomable connection to your own voice—the inner one—and feel assured about the choices you make in your life. However, when this is blocked, you cannot help but to doubt yourself to the point that you no longer trust everything that you say and do.

To heal your intuition chakra, you can

  • Learn to listen more and understand more when you are talking to someone
  • Celebrate if you guess something right
  • Begin to feel the vibration of the people around you; feel if they are in a bad mood or in a good mood

now-1120279_960_720Expression Chakra (Visshuddha in Sanskrit)

The throat chakra center is involved and responsible for how you express yourself. When this chakra center is open, you are able to confidently say what you want and what you need. When it is blocked, you will feel as if no one seems to be listening to what you have to say. This feeling is not good in any way, and we must always make sure that our throat chakra, just like the others, are free from blockages. If sometimes you feel that no one is listening, it is easy to download psychic apps for your mobile and you can count on someone to be there for you.

To heal your expression chakra, you can

  • Sing in the shower as if it were your concert
  • Be honest with everyone around you
  • Learn to say no without offending anyone

Consciousness Chakra (Dahaswara in Sanskrit)

People somrtomes see the consciousness chakra center as a flower placed upon your head. When the flower starts to unfold its petals, your feeling of being whole is restored. You may feel like your  nature is free and that you are a spirit which keeps the body only as a vessel.

To heal your consciousness chakra, you can

  • Stay in and start to meditate
  • Read books that are meant to inspire you to live a better life
  • Allot a time in your day wherein you do not talk
  • Start to eat grapes and foods that are purple

There you have it! These are the basic things you need to know and understand about the chakra centers in your body. By knowing these, you will also feel more conscious as to which center is blocked and needs healing and balancing. Balancing your chakra is important to live a better life.

Images used by clkr and johnhain under Public Domain CC0

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