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How to Balance Your Chakras by Dyan Garris

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How to Balance your Chakras AND Increase your Abundance by Dyan Garris

There are many good reasons to learn how to balance your chakras.  But did you know you can also increase your money flow, prosperity, and abundance by learning to balance your chakras?  it’s true and I’ll tell you why and then teach you how.

As a basis, it’s important to understand that chakras are energy centers. As well, each chakra contains specific energies that are at our disposal. And if you learn to harness these energies through chakra balance, then you will also then begin to understand how to increase your prosperity and abundance through learning how to balance your chakras.

It’s when you learn to use the energies that are innately available to you, and then learn then how to “connect the dots,” that the energy of your life begins to change. And you will find that you are subsequently able to create whatever you want from that combined energy– wealth, abundance, and prosperity included.

root-chakraThe Root Chakra – Where the Energy of Money Resides

For example, the energy of money resides in the first or root chakra.  This is important knowledge because the energy of creation resides in the root chakra as well.  Other energies that live in this chakra are the energy of survival, the primal instinct of fear, the energy of tribe or family, and the energy of addiction to name a few.

So intrinsically, you have already the power to “create” right there in your first chakra.  And you can begin to learn how to create abundance by first being willing to clear out any stuck, stagnant, distorted energies in the root chakra as well.

Begin to clear these out by first examining who taught you what you know about money, prosperity, and abundance.  You didn’t come in here knowing anything about money.  Someone taught you.  So think about whether or not those teachings are truth for you or not.  Then decide what stays and what goes.

This is perhaps harder to do than it sounds, because oftentimes we firmly believe we need to hang onto things, people, thoughts, feelings, and emotions primarily just because we always have.  When we empty these out, we may be afraid that we may feel…empty.

But when you come to a place where you are ready to make a conscious decision about what is truth for you and what is not, what belongs to you and what does not, and what you want to take with you on your journey forward or not, then letting go becomes a fairly easy process.

Chinese symbol for ProsperityUnderstand How Energy Flows

When understanding how to increase your abundance through chakra balance, it’s first helpful to think of your root chakra like this:  On this planet, energy is designed to move upward.  So first we need to plant some seeds. You can do that by setting your clear intentions.

It’s helpful to view your root chakra as similar to the root system of a plant or tree.  The plant gets fed and nourished by the root system.  If the root is clogged, the plant cannot grow, cannot bud, and cannot produce flowers and fruit.

It’s also important to understand that our chakras and the energies contained within them are not designed to work amongst themselves, but rather, are designed to work together as a unit.  So balancing just one chakra is not going to change much of anything.  They all have to work together and they have to do so in alignment.  It’s a process, but it’s not a difficult process to learn.  And it’s totally “worth” learning if you want to increase your abundance.

Where is the 1st Chakra?

The first or root chakra is NOT located at the base of the spine, per se, as people are often taught. This teaching has caused much confusion and often has people looking behind them to try to find the location of the root chakra.  But the 1st chakra isn’t behind you or in front of you. This chakra comes directly straight down from the genital area.  It’s our “plug” into the Earth.  So when grounding yourself, it’s important to understand this, and therefore put tree roots down from the bottoms of both your feet AND also straight down from the root chakra, as in a three pronged “plug.”

The Energy of Creation

There is another very important thing to understand about the root chakra.  The energy of creation does not reside in the 2nd chakra as so many have been taught. The energy of creation lives in your 1st/root chakra. Think about this. You are biologically designed to create life from your root, not from your 2nd chakra.  And you cannot create a child simply with positive thinking or with power of your mind (6th chakra).  You MUST engage the root.  But you can’t engage much of anything if you’re clogged, stuck, blocked, and distorted.

Simple Techniques for Balancing Your Chakras

Although there are many ways to learn to balance your chakras, and many effective techniques, meditation and visualization are two of the fastest and easiest ways for beginning to learn how to balance your chakras.

And one of the most important things to do is to remember to connect the energies between all of your chakras, instead of just focusing on one.  Here are some basic tips to get you started:

1.  Ground yourself.  Plug into the Earth as a three pronged plug as explained above.

2.  Breathe.  Proper breathing technique is paramount to learning to balance your chakras. Get in any  comfortable position and begin to relax your conscious mind. Let go of your mind chatter. Breathe. Follow the breath through the body.  Beginning at the root, breathe through all of your chakras as you connect the energy of one up and through to the others.

3.  Visualize or sense.  If you cannot see your chakras, it’s okay to visualize them.  Each has a different color and starting from the 1st chakra up, these are the colors of the rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

4.  Picture your chakras undulating rather than spinning; opening and closing and breathing – they are alive after all, and they are in layers like the petals of a flower.  Each chakra is as unique as you are.

Connect the dots, watch your seeds sprout, and your abundance grow!

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