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Free Chakra Test

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free-chakra-test-balance-your-chakras300x250 copyWhich of your chakras needs healing? Take our 2 minute free chakra test to find out.

1. You have trouble with manifesting your desires or achieving your goals.


2. You are not able to multi-task, preferring to do one thing at a time.


3. You have trouble being wholly present to a relationship, friendship, or conversation.


4. You are easily agitated by the actions of others.


5. You tend to be hardest on yourself.


6. You have more math aptitude than language skills.


7. You live for the “right now.” That’s all there is. (This is different than “living in the present moment.”)


8. It does no good to pray. God or the Universe will just do whatever it wants to anyway.


9. Most music is noise to your ears.


10. You don’t dream much or you don’t remember your dreams.


11. Someone presents you with a great idea for a new “widget.” You hear what they are saying and you like the idea very much. But you can’t see how this idea can be successfully implemented in the marketplace.


12. Other people view you as a “softie” or a “push-over.”


13. You have trouble feeling real compassion for others.


14. You dislike change of any sort.


15. You have all kinds of great ideas, but you have trouble getting them out there in tangible form.


16. You are overweight.


17. You have money troubles, or are terrified of losing all of your money and/or your home.


18. You don’t understand or like the term “co-creation.”


19. You long to be anywhere else.


20. You are very self-focused, “self” centered, and relentlessly driven.


21. You often feel powerless to make positive changes, i.e., “I can’t,” is a staple in your vocabulary. Or you feel inferior to others, i.e., “What’s wrong with me?” is how you feel when something doesn’t work out.


22. You don’t like mysteries or anything that is not completely straightforward in presentation.


23. You don’t really care about chakras or what they do or don’t do. You just don’t want anything wrong with yours.


24. Aliens and UFOS are figments of our imagination. Such things do not exist.


25. You don’t believe in angels or don’t believe they assist humans.


26. You don’t believe in life after death.


27. You have trouble believing in psychics, ESP, or anything that can’t be scientifically proven.


28. You are uncomfortable making boundaries, or stating what you need or want, because you want people to like you.


29. You have tendencies to make mountains out of molehills and blow things out of proportion, or you often escalate an argument.


30. You have a short attention span, which often translates into an inability to focus.


31. You have stagnant sexual energy, i.e., your sexual energy is frustrated or suppressed.


32. You have an addictive personality.


33. You always march to the beat of your own drum no matter what.


34. You get very excited about new projects, get started on them, but then can’t finish them or don’t finish them because you became distracted by something else


35. You are easily distracted or frightened.


36. You are extremely sensitive to everything and everyone.


37. Speaking in front of people is stressful.


38. You have a lot of trouble seeing the bigger picture or how things in the universe work together.


39. You don’t believe in a “Creator,” or “God.”


40. You feel like you have fundamental differences with family members or feel like you don’t belong.


41. You frequently have digestive issues.


42. You only believe in that which you can see, feel, hear, and touch.


43. You believe you can build a better mousetrap.


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