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Chakra Balance Course Investment

postcardJPGYour Dyan Garris Chakra Balance Course investment is a 12 week distance learning course taught by Chakra Intuitive Louise Vidaurri, and includes:

*Course materials/guidebook – as a Word.doc (in the download file)

*Money and Manifesting book – as an e-book and as a paperback book (mailed to you).

*AND Money and Manifesting as an audio book

*Meditation Journal – download PDF and as a paperback book (mailed to you).

*Two tracks from Release CD as MP3 download – Illusions and Breathe

*Three tracks from Eight CD – Home – Call Ohm – The Eighth Ocean as MP3 download

*Perfect Pathways CDs Р;Volume 1 and 2 as MP3 downloads  РThis is six guided meditations.

2 Chakra Balance Toning MP3s – Chakra balance notes and syllables

Doors to the Soul DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance  (mailed to you).

7 cards from Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards (mailed to you).

Upon the completion of course, a final exam will be given. Passing grade is eighty-five percent (85%) or above. The exam is a combination of multiple choice questions and brief essay questions. To earn the Certification (Certificate of Completion) you must also mail in (or email) your completed Meditation Journal for your teacher’s review at course completion. It will be returned to you, as it is a valuable tool for integrating and moving forward on your path. During the course, if you have any questions you will be able the teacher assigned to you during the duration of your course.

As a graduate  of the Dyan Garris Chakra Balance Certification Course you will be mentioned as a graduate from this program. You will have the opportunity on or other Dyan Garris websites to advertise and promote your events, workshops, or courses that pertain to our certification program.

At successful course completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Continuing education credits are 50 hours.

Important Note: After payment, you must use the “return to site” link. You should land on Louise’s website for the download. Do not panic if you are not redirected. Just contact us and we will help you get to the right place. Your course materials will be mailed to you and Louise will contact you to get started on your course.

NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account.



Dyan Garris Chakra Balance Course #1 $1500.00 USD