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Balance Your Chakras – Why?

light-handsWhy should we balance our chakras? When energy field pioneer Barbara Brennan first mapped out the energy field and chakra system many years ago in her groundbreaking book, “Hands of Light,” she let us know that chakras were coned shaped and connected front to back at the spine.

What wasn’t known or recognized or brought forth at that time is that chakras are multi-dimensional and are constructed in layers, much like petals of a flower.  They do spin, as we were told. However, what really happens is more that they “undulate” at the same time that they spin.  Chakras are also like snowflakes, in that they are all unique. If we are paying attention, we can take so many cues from Mother Nature.

In one way we may look at chakras as being the first line of defense before physical disease sets into the physical body. Chakras are storage places of “energy.”  And each chakra contains and rules different energies. For example, the energy of money lives in the root chakra.  Chakras are not anything mysterious or relegated only to the Eastern philosophies.  Chakras are part of our bodies, just as teeth are part of our bodies. They are designed to work together with each other, and with and in harmony with the rest of our bodies, much like a knee is designed to work with a leg and an elbow with an arm.  So we need to get to know them, appreciate them, and learn to work with them.  Harness the energies contained in each and you have the keys to harnessing the energy of your entire life.

The nature of energy is that it must go somewhere. It cannot stagnate. It travels. It undulates as well. It’s not linear or flat. As well, everything is reflection.  So to have the energies of each chakra balanced within themselves and also working in harmony with each of the others, leads to balance and harmony in our lives.

Balancing our chakras should be as natural as the act of  brushing our teeth.  Just like that, balancing them is not difficult to learn to do. It’s not time consuming. It is not “work.”  And it is definitely necessary to a happy, healthy life.  So if you want a happy life – which I’m sure you do – it is imperative learn to balance your chakras.

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